Clarification about Patient Preferred Language when Administrating Mixed Modes; Additional Korean Survey Materials Forthcoming
folder_openSurvey Materialscalendar_todayPosted May 30, 2023

In a continued effort to make the OAS CAHPS Survey more accessible for sampled patients, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is revising the mixed mode administration requirement to allow survey vendors to switch languages for the initial and follow-up modes, as needed, based on the patient's preferred language. For example, a vendor administering the web with mail follow-up mode can send the initial web survey invitation in English and then switch to Korean for the follow-up mail questionnaire if the patient's preferred language is Korean. The next version of the OAS CAHPS Protocol and Guidelines Manual will reflect this change.

Currently, there is not an OAS CAHPS-approved Korean web or telephone survey available. However, CMS recently approved completing the Korean translation for these two OAS CAHPS modes (web and telephone) and accompanying survey materials.

An announcement will be posted on the OAS CAHPS website once the additional Korean materials are available on the Survey Materials page of the OAS CAHPS website.

Please contact the OAS CAHPS Survey Coordination Team via e-mail at or call toll-free (866) 590-7468, if you have any questions.