Public Reporting of OAS CAHPS Survey Data Collected in 2022
folder_openPublic Reportingcalendar_todayPosted October 3, 2022

In January 2022, CMS launched a revised survey instrument and two new web-based modes of administration for OAS CAHPS. Due to these revisions, data collected in 2022 will not be combined with data from 2021 for analysis and public reporting. OAS CAHPS Survey data from Quarter 1, 2021 to Quarter 4, 2021 will remain frozen on the PDC website and the Survey Preview Reports on the OAS CAHPS website until July 2023 when 4 quarters of data from 2022 (Quarter 1, 2022-Quarter 4, 2022) are available. NOTE: There is no need to submit data suppression requests for the 2022 data until further notice.

For reference, see Table 16.2 in the OAS CAHPS Survey Protocols and Guidelines Manual, Version. 6.0.

Please contact the OAS CAHPS Survey Coordination Team via email at or call toll-free (866) 590-7468, if you have any questions.