Data Submission and XML Schema Validation Tools Updated with New Lag Time-Final Variable
folder_openData Submissioncalendar_todayPosted May 31, 2023

As announced during the OAS CAHPS 2022 Update Training session, starting with the January 2023 sample month, vendors must start calculating and incorporating a new Patient Administrative Data Record variable, Lag Time-Final (<lagtimefinal>). This new variable will be used for patient-mix adjustments. The online Data Submission Tool and XML Schema Validation Tool available on the OAS CAHPS website have been updated to include this new variable. To access these tools, vendor users must first log in and navigate to the desired link under the "Data Submission" menu tab.

For more information about how to calculate the Lag Time-Final variable, refer to pages 242-243 and Appendices J (XML Data File Layout for Standard Header Record) and K (XML Data File Layout for DSRS Header Record) of the OAS CAHPS Survey Protocols and Guidelines Manual, Version 7.0 or the 2022 Update Training slides (available here:

As a reminder, the deadline for vendors to submit OAS CAHPS Survey data for Quarter 1, 2023 is July 12, 2023. This will be the first submission that includes the new Lag Time-Final variable. Therefore, we encourage vendors to submit Quarter 1, 2023 survey data early leaving ample time for correction(s) and re-uploading files, as needed.

Please contact the OAS CAHPS Survey Coordination Team via email at or call toll-free (866) 590-7468, if you have any questions.