Calendar Year (CY) 2021, Quarter 2 Data Submission Deadline Reminder – October 13, 2021
folder_openData Submissioncalendar_todayPosted September 29, 2021

The data submission deadline for submitting Quarter 2 of calendar year 2021 data (CY21, Q2) to the OAS CAHPS Data Center is Wednesday, October 13, 2021. We thank those OAS CAHPS Survey vendors who have already begun submitting CY21, Q2 data for their client facilities. If you have not submitted any data for Quarter 2, we encourage you to begin submitting your files as soon as possible.

As we approach the next data submission deadline, please note the important points provided below.

  • Check your Vendor Authorization Report to make sure that all client facilities have authorized your organization to submit data on their behalf.
  • CMS will not accept any data files for the April, May and/or June 2021 sample months after 8:00 PM Eastern Time on October 13, 2021.
  • Survey vendors should start submitting their data files as soon as possible to allow adequate time to re-submit data, if needed. You may submit files as many times as needed as long as the final file submission is successfully uploaded by the deadline.
  • Each time a data file for an HOPD or ASC is submitted, it overwrites any previously submitted data for that same facility for that survey period.
  • You must still submit an XML data file for an HOPD or ASC facility even if the corresponding monthly patient information file does not have any patients eligible to be sampled.
  • After each file upload, you will receive an email confirmation within several minutes notifying you whether the upload was successful.
  • All submitted files will go through validation checks. After the validation check is conducted, you will receive a second e-mail confirmation message notifying you whether your file has been accepted or rejected. The confirmation e-mail message will contain a hyperlink to a Data Submission Report, which shows details of the validation check and any file errors that were identified.
  • Survey vendors can access the Data Submission Reports on the project website by selecting "History" through the "Data Submission Reports" link in the Data Submission menu.
  • If you do not receive an e-mail message confirming that your file was successfully uploaded, an e-mail message providing the results of the validation checks, or you cannot view the Data Submission Reports on files that you have submitted, please contact the OAS CAHPS Data Center at

For additional information about data file preparation and data submission processes, please review Chapter XI of the OAS CAHPS Survey Protocols and Guidelines Manual available under the Survey Materials tab on the OAS CAHPS website. Please contact the OAS CAHPS Survey Coordination Team via e-mail at or call toll-free (866) 590-7468 if you have any questions or trouble submitting data files.